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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

just some stuff.

i'm still thinking about the oscars and it's been like over a week. i don't care what anyone says adele is like the songbird of our generation. she killed it at the oscars. like i wish i could do that. also i feel like silver linings playbook should have received more awards. buuuut i guess i'll settle for jennifer lawrence falling up the stairs and winning best actress.

i've been practicing my headstand for yoga. and i know it probably sounds easy to all my readers (mom and erika, hi!), but i am STRUGGLING! i have been seriously working on it for over 3 months now and i can barely do it against the wall. i'm just so terrified of it for some reason. i'll keep you posted.

i did our taxes. for the first time ever. usually my mom does them for me, but i decided i should grow up. and i did them. and they got accepted. and i am just so happy. and i can't stop bragging about it to everyone that i meet. like random check out girl at the grocery store. i'm not joking. i seriously told a check out clerk at target. and i encouraged her to do her own too. like WHO AM I?

i'm obsessed with snap chat. i can't stop snap chatting. i'm pretty sure that is my pogo, i snap chat too much. (if you aren't sure what i just said, then i'm just real sorry).

i've been testing gum brands and flavors for the last week or so. my jaw hurts so much. but my breath is minty fresh.


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  1. I have neglected blogspot. Im so happy i clicked on yours to catch up on. you are the best. miss you to bits. xoxo evoo