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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


i got called a lady.

you guys it was seriously mortifying. like i practically passed out. i was sitting in line waiting for the dark night. we were about 3 groups from the front. danny had left to get treats and so i was sitting alone. minding my own business. when i reached for my bag and a huge phone came soaring over the crowd and hit me on the hand. it hurt. but i wasn't too pissed about it until i hear some 17 year old girls start saying "oh my gosh you hit that lady!" i looked over figuring i'd see that some lady got hit. when i realized. they. were. talking. about. ME! they had hit that "lady". the lady was me. i picked up the phone and this 17 year old boy looked at me and said "sorry!". i muttered something under my breath and tossed it back, purposely throwing it so he would have to move a lot to retrieve it. i was beyond upset. but mostly embarrassed. my hand hurt, but my ego hurt worse. couldn't they have called me a girl? please. can't i still be a girl? not a lady? a stuffy, OLD lady i was.

since then i've come to deal with the fact that i'm a lady. but i'm pretty sure they meant it like "muh lady" like on downton abbey. so i'll just live with that.