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Monday, December 12, 2011


do you think i could get fired for taking a nap in the bathroom at work? i dunno. it was a complete accident this time. i needed to sit down and next thing i knew my head was against the wall of the stall and i had drool dripping down my chin. whoops.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

totes a perf birth.

sooo twas my birthday this last weekend. i feel like i might have just hit that age where i start lying about how old i am. i think the age i'll say that i am is 22. cause 22 is a respectable age. you're old enough to do what you want but people still tell you you're young. plus doubles are the best. who doesn't like double?

anyway. best birthday yet. danny went CRAZY! he was like giving me gifts all over the place. and i was loving every second. trying to be all "you shouldn't have!" but i was secretly like planning out outfits in my head and stuff. plus he got me a sewing machine so i'm gonna start straight making my own clothes. ha! watch out etsy.

also we saw michelle money (if you don't know who she is, you haven't lived) at sephora in salt lake. i was so star struck. embarrassing! don't even judge me though cause the most famous person i've ever seen in real life is jared, the subway guy. anyway. danny had no fear and was like "hey, are you michelle money?" and she was. and then we talked about i can't even remember what. and then somehow i got a picture with her. i'm a freak.

the night ended with danny gifting me with a brand new gold watch i have coveted since conception. he sold his ipod, video game console, and his soul to buy it for me without me knowing. i'm pretty good at picking out a husband. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


hi. so i decorated our house for christmas. i totes went all out with the decorations. i figured you'd wanna know how i did it.

k so first, i got a christmas tree.

and strapped it to the top of the car cause it twas too huge to fit inside. oh the sacrifices i make for the holidays.

second thing i did was pick up some glittery ornaments which i tediously tied gold string to. so rough. my hands were killing me after i did all of the twelve ornaments i needed to cover our humongo tree.

then i took a break. watched gossip girl. knitted. took a nap. and then it was back to it!

i placed each ornament carefully on the tree. i only broke one! k fine. i broke two. but the second one wasn't really my fault.

and this is how it all turned out....

now all that's left to do is for danny to wrap my presents!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

booted and pushed.

we black friday-ed. i know. what the crap were we thinking. but honestly it was the best time ever. i swear my adrenaline has never been pumped so much in my life.

we started at wal-mart where we finally got our xbox kinect. yayyyyy. so happy. i have been playing dance central for like 5 days straight. also, this is the bad part of the night. we got a boot on the jeep. oops. we parked across the street cause there was nowhere to park. literally nowhere. some lady jumped up on her cart and straight YELLED "they are towing! they are towing! if you are parked across the street you might be getting TOWED!" such a sweet lady. so danny sprinted out there but it was too late. so i waited in line while the towing dudes were so rude. danny almost got a 500 dollar fine for... well if you want to know the whole story you'll have to ask me. cause i don't think i can write it on here just in case the court of law can use blogs as evidence. whoops.

thennnnn we went to best buy. where the line was allll the way around the corner. insanity. (which reminds me i really want to try the work out insanity. good? or bad?) once we got inside there was another line we had to get into to even pick out and then buy a tv. we were in line for 3 hours! hahahahaha. oh man i'm making fun of us even thinking about it. everyone in line was delusional. and mad. and i thought some guy was going to go crazy. which he did. but not as much as i had hoped. but this is where the other bad part of the night happened. i went for a walk from the line cause i wanted to look around and i got caught up in a traffic jam. soooo many people. once it was my turn i took a step forward and i hear a huge upset sigh and then see two hands come straight for me! next thing i know i'm in a pile of people. trying to explain that i got PUSHED! no one bought it and thought i was some weirdo that likes to fall into people. i look back and see the woman that pushed me. hahaha. she straight pushed me. she was so mad. and i was so freaked out. i went back to danny crying. he was way confused. and then we laughed.

but it was worth it! we got a tv. and a kinect. and dance central 2. yay! and plus now i can watch gossip girl on the big screen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

jokes and tacos.

danny likes to listen to a joke station on pandora. it's like a stand up comedian station or something. he like walks around cleaning the house or doing random stuff with his headphones in. and  all i hear are little ahs and sighs and explosions of laughs. it's the best thing. and now when he is being funny he turns into a comedian. like all the sudden he does stand up comedy all the time. and i say "is that from your joke station?" and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

we went to del taco the other night after the gym. we got nine chicken soft tacos and chili cheese fries to share. it was our best idea. we were in heaven. bottomless chicken soft tacos? who wouldn't do that. i'm pretty sure we canceled out our work out and probably five work outs after that. but the reason i tell you this is because ever since then, we have both been so sick. like contemplating wearing a diaper sick. it's just that, i'm not prepared to blame del taco for this. so i'm gonna blame the gym. NO MORE GYM!! yeah yeah yeahhhh.

i blog hopped this morning for a few hours. and did you know that i read at least five posts where someone ran a half marathon and it was "the best experience of my life!!!" was written in every single one? should i believe this? i feel like i'm on the Truman Show and everyone is plotting against me so that they can make a tv show about the time i ran a half marathon. comedy central material right there.

k so this is serious. we finally bought a couch! but something awful happened. well a few awful things happened. first thing is we thought that we were all the sudden crafty. so to save some money we decided we were all about dying the white covers a cool "egg shell blue" color. so we stopped by wal mart to buy some RIT and well they only had navy blue, kelly green, and black. so we got navy blue and figured we would just use only one package so then it would be egg shell blue. i guess we need to study our color wheel a little better. turned denim blue. gag a lot. so back to wal mart to grab the kelly green cause online it said if you mix those two colors you will get an aqua color. the good news is that at least half of it turned out the right color! i had to put so many quarters in the swear jar after i saw them. anyway. lesson learned. don't try to save money. and don't craft.

Monday, November 7, 2011


what time is it? i just can't get it straight. i feel like yesterday was two weeks long. and now it's always dark. but whatever.

i listened to my only christmas album at the gym on saturday. nothing gets me in the mood to do cardio like jingle bells!! whatever. i'm lying. every time a christmas song came up on my ipod i got so pissed and shaky i could barely skip to the next song. ba hum bug.

guess what?! i got my very own parking spot today at work. i get to park underground now instead of in the parking lot. it's the best thing that has ever happened to me at work. the only prob was that i couldn't figure out how to get out. like i had to drive around a million times until someone decided to leave so i could follow them out. but whatevs. minor details.

we went shopping on saturday. for like five hours. but we didn't buy one thing. is it still considered shopping? we thought about buying a million things but we got stage fright. whateverrrr.

Monday, October 10, 2011

see through duvet cover.

well whatever. i am wearing a new shirt today so life was so good until like 9:30. when i realized my shirt is freakin SEE THROUGH! i know i know. you are wondering what the problem is. but you see. there is a major problem. you can see THROUGH MY SHIRT. i was yelling just then. anyway. at least i have this cardigan i can wear. and button one button. and look crazy. but i would rather look crazy than look like a sketchy home wrecker.

sometimes i want to delete my facebook. delete my instagram. delete my twitter (ba ha). delete my blog. delete. control alt delete. just delete it. but then. i just don't know what i would do all day. so i decide to keep it. i think i have a problem. well i know i have a problem. i'm that person who makes fun of her husband for not knowing how to status update. i'm teaching him. he has had some hit stati lately.

last week erika and eloise and i went shopping alllll day. it was the best. we met up at 10 in the morning and got home at 6. it was a full days work. we bought some pretty great things. but i think we both ended up returning most of it the next day. oops. buyers remorse. but i forced her to buy this best lip stick color. cause she tried it on and then she was a babe the whole day. well even more of a babe than she usually is. so i forced her to buy it. she is the most beautiful. then everyone was staring at her and being obsessed with her and eloise. i was loving it. i was like "I KNOW!" "THEY ARE MY FAMILY!" "THAT IS MY NIECE AND MY SISTER!" just yelling all over the mall.

danny and i finally bought a duvet cover. it should be here this week. now i most definitely can't eat in bed anymore. i am banned. i blame that good/bad habit on my mom. she is a bed eater. i have yet to wake up with peanut butter in my hair though.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

how do you spell polaroid?

i'm obsessed with polaroids recently. it really makes every picture look way better. or at least cooler. and i'm all about being cool. N E WAYZ. here is our relationship polarized. hahahahha.

so this was our first picture we took together. we had been dating for like two months already. so you could probably say i'm no good at taking pictures. and that this polarized traveling through our relationship won't take too long. but back to the point. our first picture together. we are outside of the waldorf historia in park city. we may or may not have stayed here the night before with our friends richie and danielle. oopsie.

this picture has been through the ringer. ever since our first date, when i told him my mom was a killer cook, danny kept saying how he wanted to cook with my mom. i was half freaked out, half kinda freaked out by his request. but after a while my mom and danny became friends and somehow set up a friday night to make lasagna. this was us cooking. he even wore an apron. at the time i thought he was just trying to impress me. then later i realized he is just that awesome.
this was a time that we went ice skating. i realized he was a babe in a cardigan. and he realized probably that i may not be the most athletic person in the world. oh well. he can skate backwards and do flips on ice skates. i can kind of walk backwards and flip hamburgers. we both bring a lot to the table.
this was the day he taught me to ski. it was one of the best times i've ever had. i fell a million times. and did a cool back flip roll thing on accident. plus i got hot chocolate.

this is us at a jazz game on my birthday. it's actually a funny story. somehow i made my fondness of the jazz seem more like an obsession. and so danny thought i would want front row tickets to one of the biggest games of the year. little did he know i would have rather had a bike. or a marc jacobs watch. or a trip to disneyland. but it's the thought that counts. and it's the best memory now!

this is a picture of the polar bear from lost. no way! it's actually just us in vegas. this bear grabbed my butt and bit danny's head off. we survived.

we got engaged! and we were matching. embarrassing.

one time our baby niece was born. we were too happy. and we could not even handle it. this is us being so excited at the hospital.

oh and this is us swinging. on our wedding day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

hashtags and the like.

there are a lot of things that confuse me. but like the kind of confusion where i don't want the answer. cause you will just confuse me more. 

first- why hashtags? i don't get it. i will never get it. and since we're talking about hashtags let's talk about twitter? why? #whyhashtagsandwhytwitter

second- starting work at 8 am. i thought they call it the 9 to 5? i thought 8 am only exists when you have a flight to catch. i was wrong.

third- someone starting their motorcycle at 3 am right outside your window when you have work at 8 am the next morning. and not only starting it, but saying their goodbyes for the next 5 minutes. i'll tell you though, i'm not really sure if this actually happened. i really couldn't believe it as it was happening, i kept saying "is this real?". and i never got a straight answer from danny.

fourth- pictures of your legs/feet with a caption like "laying by the pool" or "check out my new shoes". and i'll forgive you once for this. but three times or more and i just have to question your motives. like.... i..... don't know why that could happen.

fifth- signing your new last name wrong on your driver's license. i did that! ha. i missed an L in there somewhere. i just don't get it.

sixth- yelling at your wife on the phone at work. uh oh. not good huh? like take it out in the hall. or like. just. don't yell in my presence. i have a low tolerance for yelling though. like i will be like "don't yell!" and whoever is yelling will be like "i'm not yelling!" and then i will second guess myself. like do i really know what yelling is? and then i will block out whoever is yelling at me. so i guess it works out.

seventh- why do i say "like" so much? it's like. annoying. but i can't stop. and plus it's not my fault. i blame it on the 90's.

eight- whole blogs posts dedicated to complaining and making fun of people. but disguised as things that are confusing. #imbeingironic.

Friday, September 30, 2011


i'm tall so my forehead got shopped off when i polaroid-ed this. but what a nice picture. eh eh eh? they are the most beautiful, talented, best mama's i know. i am proud to call them my own and hope i can be like them when i grow up.

in other news. when danny asked me if i wanted to go to the byu game tonight i pretended that i wanted to. cause i knew he did. like i'm not trying to get you to tell me imma good wife. but, come on, way good wife status right here, yeah? go cougars. go home. cause i hate you. whoa. back to bad wife status. damn.

also. i've been obsessed with lip stick lately. i blame it on my friend evie in the aves. she introduced me to vegas volt lip stick from mac. and i wore it on my wedding day. and then everyone thought i got my make up done professionally but really i just did it by myself in my bathroom. so now every time i walk by lip stick i buy some cause it's only $14.50 and i can justify that amount.

see yuh.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i changed my name today. it almost wasn't worth it when i walked into the social security office and there were 30 people ahead of me. but i held strong. and now i'm melissa rae sullivan. weird/awesome.

a month ago i would be so pissed at myself for what i'm about to say. but i really really really want to take a photography class. like whatever i'll jump on the bandwagon. and maybe i'll not be good at it. but then maybe it will turn out to be my calling in life. first step, get a camera. second step, no one steal my idea. or i mean no one steal this idea that i stole from everyone else.

danny and i went to virginia for his brother's wedding this passed week. we flew into DC and it was the best. all the sudden i liked sightseeing. but let me tell you that the roads on the east coast are hurl inspiring. like consider walking everywhere. like make your in laws pack in the back seat so you can hog the front. like puke all over the windshield. like make your new husband real grossed out when you miss the toilet. like that's not even a joke. i missed the toilet and instead puked all over the bathroom. embarrassing. i'm trying to be all cute as a new wife, but it only lasted like 2 weeks. cause now danny knows i can spew with the best of them. he told me he thought it was cute. but i could see the horror behind his eyes. poor thing. anyway. other than the perma-motion sickness it was a successful trip.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


where to begin? they say to start at the very beginning, it's like a very good place to start. but i don't know how true that is. cause that would take a way long time to blog about everything from day one. so i think i'm gonna start from the day danny proposed. cause well, that seems like a very good place to start.

so it was a normal monday. i was bugged like everyone is on mondays. cause mondays are no fun. except when it's bachelor/bachelorette season, then it's fun. anyway. so my work phone rings and it's the front desk lady telling me there is something waiting for me downstairs. i was procrastinating going down there cause i figured it was some delivery for my boss or coupons from some catering company. so i was in no hurry. anyway. so once i finally make it down there the front desk lady was like, a young very good looking young man brought these for you.

(roses, in case you weren't sure. but mostly i just wanted to be obvious.)

so then i like get this ridiculous grin on my face and head back upstairs to my desk. i see a little note in there on a post it note that said "happy secretaries day! love bop." whatever i call him weird names. don't pretend like you don't. so i start laughing. one because it was actually administrative professionals day (same thing you say? no). and two it wasn't until wednesday. but i was still down for the thought. and was loving it so much. anyway. so i go along with my day so happy. and some guy that works with me saw the flowers and was like "what did your boyfriend do wrong?" ha. nothing. he is just the best. 

so after work danny and i meet up and he tells me we can eat wherever i want. so i obviously choose cafe rio and yogurtland. like who wouldn't? so afterward we're heading home and danny tells me he wants to set up the projector to watch a movie and he will drop me off to change into my pj's. totally normal. so he drops me off. and i change into a red flannel and black leggings. looking back i wish i would have worn something way better. like knocked him out with my looks. but oh well. so i am waiting downstairs with my mom. an hour passes. it's like nine pm now and i go to bed at ten. so i am getting bugged. i won't lie. i was actually way mad. so then finally he arrives after i wait for an hour and a half. i don't look at him or speak to him. cause i'm mean and emotional. anyway. so we get to the car and there are diet cokes and kazoozles and gummy lifesavers. and then i'm not pissed anymore. i can be bought. 

so we get to his house. and we get out of the car and i start booking it inside cause it's cold. and i wanna have time to watch the movie. danny is going so slow into the house. he is like fidgeting by the bushes and i am like "hurry!!!" and he says wait one sec. and so i stop and look back and all the sudden his whole tree house is lit up with white lights. "COOL!" i'm still not suspecting anything. danny is pretty random and does stuff like that all the time. i thought he was just showing me the tree house. so we go over there, climb the ladder, and danny takes out the ipad and opens up this cool stargazing app he has been wanting for forever. so we start stargazing. and since i'm a control freak i grab the iPad from him and start checking out the stars. and make an idiot of myself mispronouncing orion's belt. so i'm totally consumed with this app and then danny says "i'll pull one down for you." and i'm all "awww" not really paying attention still looking at the sky. then this huge thing comes flying at my face, luckily i had the ipad to block the blow. once i open my eyes. there he is. down on both knees. asking me to be his wife. and i can't even think. i am like. speechless. he says some cute things and then i am like still not speaking. he opens the ring box and the ring is in the lid. it had fallen out when it fell from the sky on a string danny had set up earlier. we're laughing. it's the best moment of my life. all i kept saying was "you're perfect." literally i think that's all i said for the next 20 minutes. while we laid in the tree house and drank sparkling water. 

this is the longest post of my life. but i had to write it down. even though i'm pretty sure i'll never forget it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

in love and way cheesy.

we're blogging! jk. it's just me blogging. but now i can talk in plurals and people won't think i'm psycho. oooh the perks of being wed.

the wedding is over. wahhhh. we're so sad. but SOOOOO happy. we are married. everyday i wake up and look over at my hubs (don't hate me for saying hubs. i'm trying out annoying nicknames for the husband bear. ooooh ha i gotta remember that one.) and am like "what the crap?" and then i'm like "yesssssssss! we got married." and then life is good. and then i just want to go back to sleep cause there is nothing important to do if i got my love by my side already. but really. it's way hard to get up in the morning now. like really hard. like i might lose my job hard.

the wedding was so perfect. it was everything we wanted and more. all of our family and friends were there to celebrate. i felt like i was the luckiest all day, glancing over at danny and thinking what a babe i snagged. not to mention how sweet he was the whole day. like life was just a dream and i wasn't walking, just floating. seriously it couldn't have gone better.

then there was the honeymoon. unforgettable for reals. cancun is the most beautiful place i've ever been. i never wanted to leave. breakfast in bed. beach. turtles. dolphins. an accidental 5 mile "stroll" on the beach. i will dedicate a whole post to the honeymoon probably.

i have lots of things to dedicate posts to. bachelorette party! three showers. engagements. bridals. all the DIY projects my mom took charge of and pulled of flawlessly at my every command. (seriously that woman is a saint). ELOISE! the temple (amazing, perfect, best). chichen itza. golfing. danny. danny. and more danny. i'm obsessed already.

k bye.