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Monday, October 1, 2012


hi you guyz. so in case you didn't know, danny and i had to buy a new battery for the jeep this weekend. and that's how i found another reason that being an adult is stupid. if you didn't know danny and i only have one car. and normally i'm sure this wouldn't be a big deal. but we're not normal. danny works in springville and i work the furthest north in provo you can go. so it's not that fun. and spending money on gas is even worse. the plan last december when i sold my car was to just get a new one. 9 months later after going back and forth on which one i wanted, i decided this week is the week that i'm gonna woman up and just go get what i want. keep your fingers crossed.

we saw the movie looper. i was really mad that i had to go cause i wanted to see pitch perfect. so i threw a fit and said the only thing that would calm me down was a big drink and kettle corn. and cafe rio. and a new shirt. i only got two of those things. but i would say a 50% success rate for a woman with my demands is pretty good. anyway i only felt guilty for a minute once i realized looper is my new favorite flick. yeah there were weird cheesy parts, but i was oddly into it, and i'll probably see it again.

danny got the iphone 5. i am only a lot jealous. but mostly just happy for him. he has been waiting for the iphone 5 since i met him. seriously i don't know why, but he had his mind set on it and even when the 4 and the 4s came out he wouldn't budge. he waited it out. but get this, he had a FLIP PHONE before this. seriously, a flip phone. so i am happy he has upgraded. but also, get this. he used up all his data in 3 days. OOPS. so he is on probation until the 8th.