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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

booted and pushed.

we black friday-ed. i know. what the crap were we thinking. but honestly it was the best time ever. i swear my adrenaline has never been pumped so much in my life.

we started at wal-mart where we finally got our xbox kinect. yayyyyy. so happy. i have been playing dance central for like 5 days straight. also, this is the bad part of the night. we got a boot on the jeep. oops. we parked across the street cause there was nowhere to park. literally nowhere. some lady jumped up on her cart and straight YELLED "they are towing! they are towing! if you are parked across the street you might be getting TOWED!" such a sweet lady. so danny sprinted out there but it was too late. so i waited in line while the towing dudes were so rude. danny almost got a 500 dollar fine for... well if you want to know the whole story you'll have to ask me. cause i don't think i can write it on here just in case the court of law can use blogs as evidence. whoops.

thennnnn we went to best buy. where the line was allll the way around the corner. insanity. (which reminds me i really want to try the work out insanity. good? or bad?) once we got inside there was another line we had to get into to even pick out and then buy a tv. we were in line for 3 hours! hahahahaha. oh man i'm making fun of us even thinking about it. everyone in line was delusional. and mad. and i thought some guy was going to go crazy. which he did. but not as much as i had hoped. but this is where the other bad part of the night happened. i went for a walk from the line cause i wanted to look around and i got caught up in a traffic jam. soooo many people. once it was my turn i took a step forward and i hear a huge upset sigh and then see two hands come straight for me! next thing i know i'm in a pile of people. trying to explain that i got PUSHED! no one bought it and thought i was some weirdo that likes to fall into people. i look back and see the woman that pushed me. hahaha. she straight pushed me. she was so mad. and i was so freaked out. i went back to danny crying. he was way confused. and then we laughed.

but it was worth it! we got a tv. and a kinect. and dance central 2. yay! and plus now i can watch gossip girl on the big screen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

jokes and tacos.

danny likes to listen to a joke station on pandora. it's like a stand up comedian station or something. he like walks around cleaning the house or doing random stuff with his headphones in. and  all i hear are little ahs and sighs and explosions of laughs. it's the best thing. and now when he is being funny he turns into a comedian. like all the sudden he does stand up comedy all the time. and i say "is that from your joke station?" and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

we went to del taco the other night after the gym. we got nine chicken soft tacos and chili cheese fries to share. it was our best idea. we were in heaven. bottomless chicken soft tacos? who wouldn't do that. i'm pretty sure we canceled out our work out and probably five work outs after that. but the reason i tell you this is because ever since then, we have both been so sick. like contemplating wearing a diaper sick. it's just that, i'm not prepared to blame del taco for this. so i'm gonna blame the gym. NO MORE GYM!! yeah yeah yeahhhh.

i blog hopped this morning for a few hours. and did you know that i read at least five posts where someone ran a half marathon and it was "the best experience of my life!!!" was written in every single one? should i believe this? i feel like i'm on the Truman Show and everyone is plotting against me so that they can make a tv show about the time i ran a half marathon. comedy central material right there.

k so this is serious. we finally bought a couch! but something awful happened. well a few awful things happened. first thing is we thought that we were all the sudden crafty. so to save some money we decided we were all about dying the white covers a cool "egg shell blue" color. so we stopped by wal mart to buy some RIT and well they only had navy blue, kelly green, and black. so we got navy blue and figured we would just use only one package so then it would be egg shell blue. i guess we need to study our color wheel a little better. turned denim blue. gag a lot. so back to wal mart to grab the kelly green cause online it said if you mix those two colors you will get an aqua color. the good news is that at least half of it turned out the right color! i had to put so many quarters in the swear jar after i saw them. anyway. lesson learned. don't try to save money. and don't craft.

Monday, November 7, 2011


what time is it? i just can't get it straight. i feel like yesterday was two weeks long. and now it's always dark. but whatever.

i listened to my only christmas album at the gym on saturday. nothing gets me in the mood to do cardio like jingle bells!! whatever. i'm lying. every time a christmas song came up on my ipod i got so pissed and shaky i could barely skip to the next song. ba hum bug.

guess what?! i got my very own parking spot today at work. i get to park underground now instead of in the parking lot. it's the best thing that has ever happened to me at work. the only prob was that i couldn't figure out how to get out. like i had to drive around a million times until someone decided to leave so i could follow them out. but whatevs. minor details.

we went shopping on saturday. for like five hours. but we didn't buy one thing. is it still considered shopping? we thought about buying a million things but we got stage fright. whateverrrr.