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Thursday, June 7, 2012


danny booked our flights to new york. i've never been and all i know is i am saving my pennies. like literally every penny i am putting in the piggy bank. i'm gonna eat so much shake shack and shop so much clothes. it is going to be my best time.

it's my mom's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i am bringing her a diet coke for lunch. route 44. with lime. with my sonic fanatic sticker she bought me for christmas. what a mom! she is the greatest mom. so mommy. so funny. so friendly. so beautiful. i hope i'm funny and friendly and beautiful like her one day. so raise your glass ya'll! a toast, to my mama. hope your day is the happiest!

i went crazy shopping the other day. so i guess i lied before. i am not saving EVERY penny. a girl's gotta have some clothes. i CANNOT go naked all summer. that would be insane. anyway, i shopped and then i dropped. really. had to take a nap and then i woke up and i had traveled through time and i was mad cause haven't you ever been mad after a nap? maybe it's just me. but then i remembered i had a new shirt to wear. and then. bam. all was well in the world. and my nap headache madness was no more.

i am looking forward to the weekend. right? i mean, i should be. i want to try out this new restaurant by my house called "the black sheep". they sell navajo tacos. i've got a thing for navajo tacos i think. so we will probably go there on friday, maybe saturday. then i will probably force danny to go to the pool. he is so freaked to get a sunburn so i have to make sure to pack the sunscreen. i'm not scared. only ever had a sunburn on my nose. and that was after i was in the lake powell heat for 7 days. 7 days straight i soaked up the rays. and i'll have to tell you more about that trip sometime. it was so sketchy. but so fun. plus i jumped out of a helicopter into the LAKE! only then did i realize that i can't really swim that well. whatevs. stay tuned.