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Thursday, February 28, 2013

this one time.

this one time. i was sitting in the living room. and my dad walks by with a hot dog in one hand and a 10 pound fish in the other. i never laughed so hard.

this one time. my dad kept telling me that i needed a pocket knife. he kept putting a camo colored one in my purse. and i kept taking it out. then finally i took it out and ran to the car. he chased me out and waved it at me as i drove away. he's never laughed so hard.

this one time. i came home with a fake glitter tattoo on my shoulder. my dad was sitting in the kitchen and i put on my best acting face and told him that i needed to tell him something. "i got a tattoo." he promptly stood up. walked me to my room. closed the door. and sternly said "don't tell your mom." then his face quickly changed to amusement and said "what tattoo did you get? this will be our secret." when he found out it was fake, we never laughed so hard.

i miss his laugh and i missing laughing because of him.

the one year mark came. and it was hard. and it was sad. and it almost felt like it was day one again. but somehow i feel inspired. i feel inspired by other's love and generosity. i feel inspired by kindness. i feel inspired by my dad's memory. by his legacy. by what he did in his short time here on earth. and even more inspired by all that he did for me in the short time he was in my life.