Monday, October 3, 2011

hashtags and the like.

there are a lot of things that confuse me. but like the kind of confusion where i don't want the answer. cause you will just confuse me more. 

first- why hashtags? i don't get it. i will never get it. and since we're talking about hashtags let's talk about twitter? why? #whyhashtagsandwhytwitter

second- starting work at 8 am. i thought they call it the 9 to 5? i thought 8 am only exists when you have a flight to catch. i was wrong.

third- someone starting their motorcycle at 3 am right outside your window when you have work at 8 am the next morning. and not only starting it, but saying their goodbyes for the next 5 minutes. i'll tell you though, i'm not really sure if this actually happened. i really couldn't believe it as it was happening, i kept saying "is this real?". and i never got a straight answer from danny.

fourth- pictures of your legs/feet with a caption like "laying by the pool" or "check out my new shoes". and i'll forgive you once for this. but three times or more and i just have to question your motives. like.... i..... don't know why that could happen.

fifth- signing your new last name wrong on your driver's license. i did that! ha. i missed an L in there somewhere. i just don't get it.

sixth- yelling at your wife on the phone at work. uh oh. not good huh? like take it out in the hall. or like. just. don't yell in my presence. i have a low tolerance for yelling though. like i will be like "don't yell!" and whoever is yelling will be like "i'm not yelling!" and then i will second guess myself. like do i really know what yelling is? and then i will block out whoever is yelling at me. so i guess it works out.

seventh- why do i say "like" so much? it's like. annoying. but i can't stop. and plus it's not my fault. i blame it on the 90's.

eight- whole blogs posts dedicated to complaining and making fun of people. but disguised as things that are confusing. #imbeingironic.


  1. This post really confused me. Maybe I'm just "like" dumb or something #dumborsomething

    I love you!