Friday, September 30, 2011


i'm tall so my forehead got shopped off when i polaroid-ed this. but what a nice picture. eh eh eh? they are the most beautiful, talented, best mama's i know. i am proud to call them my own and hope i can be like them when i grow up.

in other news. when danny asked me if i wanted to go to the byu game tonight i pretended that i wanted to. cause i knew he did. like i'm not trying to get you to tell me imma good wife. but, come on, way good wife status right here, yeah? go cougars. go home. cause i hate you. whoa. back to bad wife status. damn.

also. i've been obsessed with lip stick lately. i blame it on my friend evie in the aves. she introduced me to vegas volt lip stick from mac. and i wore it on my wedding day. and then everyone thought i got my make up done professionally but really i just did it by myself in my bathroom. so now every time i walk by lip stick i buy some cause it's only $14.50 and i can justify that amount.

see yuh.


  1. Very sweet. You are a good wife. You are a good sister. You are a good daughter. You are loved by so many people. Please stop swearing. I love you.

  2. Oh, and by "good" I mean GREAT. "Good" is one of those words that is really strong when used just right. Or, it could mean just a blazay sorta good..not bad or great...just good. But this "good" was meant to be a "great" because your are great..good...and gorgeously extraordinary.

  3. I completely love you! And you are a total babe that should model for MAC! Another great color? Try Girl About Town. Ok love you! Lets go broke buying lipstick together!