Wednesday, October 5, 2011

how do you spell polaroid?

i'm obsessed with polaroids recently. it really makes every picture look way better. or at least cooler. and i'm all about being cool. N E WAYZ. here is our relationship polarized. hahahahha.

so this was our first picture we took together. we had been dating for like two months already. so you could probably say i'm no good at taking pictures. and that this polarized traveling through our relationship won't take too long. but back to the point. our first picture together. we are outside of the waldorf historia in park city. we may or may not have stayed here the night before with our friends richie and danielle. oopsie.

this picture has been through the ringer. ever since our first date, when i told him my mom was a killer cook, danny kept saying how he wanted to cook with my mom. i was half freaked out, half kinda freaked out by his request. but after a while my mom and danny became friends and somehow set up a friday night to make lasagna. this was us cooking. he even wore an apron. at the time i thought he was just trying to impress me. then later i realized he is just that awesome.
this was a time that we went ice skating. i realized he was a babe in a cardigan. and he realized probably that i may not be the most athletic person in the world. oh well. he can skate backwards and do flips on ice skates. i can kind of walk backwards and flip hamburgers. we both bring a lot to the table.
this was the day he taught me to ski. it was one of the best times i've ever had. i fell a million times. and did a cool back flip roll thing on accident. plus i got hot chocolate.

this is us at a jazz game on my birthday. it's actually a funny story. somehow i made my fondness of the jazz seem more like an obsession. and so danny thought i would want front row tickets to one of the biggest games of the year. little did he know i would have rather had a bike. or a marc jacobs watch. or a trip to disneyland. but it's the thought that counts. and it's the best memory now!

this is a picture of the polar bear from lost. no way! it's actually just us in vegas. this bear grabbed my butt and bit danny's head off. we survived.

we got engaged! and we were matching. embarrassing.

one time our baby niece was born. we were too happy. and we could not even handle it. this is us being so excited at the hospital.

oh and this is us swinging. on our wedding day.

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