Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i changed my name today. it almost wasn't worth it when i walked into the social security office and there were 30 people ahead of me. but i held strong. and now i'm melissa rae sullivan. weird/awesome.

a month ago i would be so pissed at myself for what i'm about to say. but i really really really want to take a photography class. like whatever i'll jump on the bandwagon. and maybe i'll not be good at it. but then maybe it will turn out to be my calling in life. first step, get a camera. second step, no one steal my idea. or i mean no one steal this idea that i stole from everyone else.

danny and i went to virginia for his brother's wedding this passed week. we flew into DC and it was the best. all the sudden i liked sightseeing. but let me tell you that the roads on the east coast are hurl inspiring. like consider walking everywhere. like make your in laws pack in the back seat so you can hog the front. like puke all over the windshield. like make your new husband real grossed out when you miss the toilet. like that's not even a joke. i missed the toilet and instead puked all over the bathroom. embarrassing. i'm trying to be all cute as a new wife, but it only lasted like 2 weeks. cause now danny knows i can spew with the best of them. he told me he thought it was cute. but i could see the horror behind his eyes. poor thing. anyway. other than the perma-motion sickness it was a successful trip.

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