Tuesday, August 30, 2011


where to begin? they say to start at the very beginning, it's like a very good place to start. but i don't know how true that is. cause that would take a way long time to blog about everything from day one. so i think i'm gonna start from the day danny proposed. cause well, that seems like a very good place to start.

so it was a normal monday. i was bugged like everyone is on mondays. cause mondays are no fun. except when it's bachelor/bachelorette season, then it's fun. anyway. so my work phone rings and it's the front desk lady telling me there is something waiting for me downstairs. i was procrastinating going down there cause i figured it was some delivery for my boss or coupons from some catering company. so i was in no hurry. anyway. so once i finally make it down there the front desk lady was like, a young very good looking young man brought these for you.

(roses, in case you weren't sure. but mostly i just wanted to be obvious.)

so then i like get this ridiculous grin on my face and head back upstairs to my desk. i see a little note in there on a post it note that said "happy secretaries day! love bop." whatever i call him weird names. don't pretend like you don't. so i start laughing. one because it was actually administrative professionals day (same thing you say? no). and two it wasn't until wednesday. but i was still down for the thought. and was loving it so much. anyway. so i go along with my day so happy. and some guy that works with me saw the flowers and was like "what did your boyfriend do wrong?" ha. nothing. he is just the best. 

so after work danny and i meet up and he tells me we can eat wherever i want. so i obviously choose cafe rio and yogurtland. like who wouldn't? so afterward we're heading home and danny tells me he wants to set up the projector to watch a movie and he will drop me off to change into my pj's. totally normal. so he drops me off. and i change into a red flannel and black leggings. looking back i wish i would have worn something way better. like knocked him out with my looks. but oh well. so i am waiting downstairs with my mom. an hour passes. it's like nine pm now and i go to bed at ten. so i am getting bugged. i won't lie. i was actually way mad. so then finally he arrives after i wait for an hour and a half. i don't look at him or speak to him. cause i'm mean and emotional. anyway. so we get to the car and there are diet cokes and kazoozles and gummy lifesavers. and then i'm not pissed anymore. i can be bought. 

so we get to his house. and we get out of the car and i start booking it inside cause it's cold. and i wanna have time to watch the movie. danny is going so slow into the house. he is like fidgeting by the bushes and i am like "hurry!!!" and he says wait one sec. and so i stop and look back and all the sudden his whole tree house is lit up with white lights. "COOL!" i'm still not suspecting anything. danny is pretty random and does stuff like that all the time. i thought he was just showing me the tree house. so we go over there, climb the ladder, and danny takes out the ipad and opens up this cool stargazing app he has been wanting for forever. so we start stargazing. and since i'm a control freak i grab the iPad from him and start checking out the stars. and make an idiot of myself mispronouncing orion's belt. so i'm totally consumed with this app and then danny says "i'll pull one down for you." and i'm all "awww" not really paying attention still looking at the sky. then this huge thing comes flying at my face, luckily i had the ipad to block the blow. once i open my eyes. there he is. down on both knees. asking me to be his wife. and i can't even think. i am like. speechless. he says some cute things and then i am like still not speaking. he opens the ring box and the ring is in the lid. it had fallen out when it fell from the sky on a string danny had set up earlier. we're laughing. it's the best moment of my life. all i kept saying was "you're perfect." literally i think that's all i said for the next 20 minutes. while we laid in the tree house and drank sparkling water. 

this is the longest post of my life. but i had to write it down. even though i'm pretty sure i'll never forget it.