Friday, August 26, 2011

in love and way cheesy.

we're blogging! jk. it's just me blogging. but now i can talk in plurals and people won't think i'm psycho. oooh the perks of being wed.

the wedding is over. wahhhh. we're so sad. but SOOOOO happy. we are married. everyday i wake up and look over at my hubs (don't hate me for saying hubs. i'm trying out annoying nicknames for the husband bear. ooooh ha i gotta remember that one.) and am like "what the crap?" and then i'm like "yesssssssss! we got married." and then life is good. and then i just want to go back to sleep cause there is nothing important to do if i got my love by my side already. but really. it's way hard to get up in the morning now. like really hard. like i might lose my job hard.

the wedding was so perfect. it was everything we wanted and more. all of our family and friends were there to celebrate. i felt like i was the luckiest all day, glancing over at danny and thinking what a babe i snagged. not to mention how sweet he was the whole day. like life was just a dream and i wasn't walking, just floating. seriously it couldn't have gone better.

then there was the honeymoon. unforgettable for reals. cancun is the most beautiful place i've ever been. i never wanted to leave. breakfast in bed. beach. turtles. dolphins. an accidental 5 mile "stroll" on the beach. i will dedicate a whole post to the honeymoon probably.

i have lots of things to dedicate posts to. bachelorette party! three showers. engagements. bridals. all the DIY projects my mom took charge of and pulled of flawlessly at my every command. (seriously that woman is a saint). ELOISE! the temple (amazing, perfect, best). chichen itza. golfing. danny. danny. and more danny. i'm obsessed already.

k bye.

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  1. I'm likin' this new married blog. Also, "Husband Bear" fits Danny nicely, I think.