Monday, November 7, 2011


what time is it? i just can't get it straight. i feel like yesterday was two weeks long. and now it's always dark. but whatever.

i listened to my only christmas album at the gym on saturday. nothing gets me in the mood to do cardio like jingle bells!! whatever. i'm lying. every time a christmas song came up on my ipod i got so pissed and shaky i could barely skip to the next song. ba hum bug.

guess what?! i got my very own parking spot today at work. i get to park underground now instead of in the parking lot. it's the best thing that has ever happened to me at work. the only prob was that i couldn't figure out how to get out. like i had to drive around a million times until someone decided to leave so i could follow them out. but whatevs. minor details.

we went shopping on saturday. for like five hours. but we didn't buy one thing. is it still considered shopping? we thought about buying a million things but we got stage fright. whateverrrr.

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  1. danny is as bad at shopping as you are? just take me with you next time, cause remember how i always make you buy things?