Wednesday, November 30, 2011

booted and pushed.

we black friday-ed. i know. what the crap were we thinking. but honestly it was the best time ever. i swear my adrenaline has never been pumped so much in my life.

we started at wal-mart where we finally got our xbox kinect. yayyyyy. so happy. i have been playing dance central for like 5 days straight. also, this is the bad part of the night. we got a boot on the jeep. oops. we parked across the street cause there was nowhere to park. literally nowhere. some lady jumped up on her cart and straight YELLED "they are towing! they are towing! if you are parked across the street you might be getting TOWED!" such a sweet lady. so danny sprinted out there but it was too late. so i waited in line while the towing dudes were so rude. danny almost got a 500 dollar fine for... well if you want to know the whole story you'll have to ask me. cause i don't think i can write it on here just in case the court of law can use blogs as evidence. whoops.

thennnnn we went to best buy. where the line was allll the way around the corner. insanity. (which reminds me i really want to try the work out insanity. good? or bad?) once we got inside there was another line we had to get into to even pick out and then buy a tv. we were in line for 3 hours! hahahahaha. oh man i'm making fun of us even thinking about it. everyone in line was delusional. and mad. and i thought some guy was going to go crazy. which he did. but not as much as i had hoped. but this is where the other bad part of the night happened. i went for a walk from the line cause i wanted to look around and i got caught up in a traffic jam. soooo many people. once it was my turn i took a step forward and i hear a huge upset sigh and then see two hands come straight for me! next thing i know i'm in a pile of people. trying to explain that i got PUSHED! no one bought it and thought i was some weirdo that likes to fall into people. i look back and see the woman that pushed me. hahaha. she straight pushed me. she was so mad. and i was so freaked out. i went back to danny crying. he was way confused. and then we laughed.

but it was worth it! we got a tv. and a kinect. and dance central 2. yay! and plus now i can watch gossip girl on the big screen.


  1. Your Aunt Donna would have been so proud and oh ya, you forgot to say how Dad and I saved your bacon.

  2. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog :) your a sweetheart and im glad you liked the sugar scrub! isnt it so great?! and CHEAP! anyways just thought i would tell you that i think your a doll! checked out your blog and i love it! :) xoxo