Friday, September 14, 2012


danny and i celebrated our one year of marriage in new york city. it was the best time. we ate so many delicious foods and did so much PDA. i was in heaven. sorry for the mushy stuff, but i am completely smitten with my love. we had a different first year than most. suffering the biggest loss of the most influential man of my life was the hardest and is the hardest thing i've ever had to deal with. i feel lucky that my dad was able to meet and approve of danny. i'm happy he left me in good hands. danny is my rock and my happiness. he has helped me with each hard day and is the reason for each best day. i love him with all the love i am able to muster. i picked a good one. happy one year baby boop bop bop.

ps. i'll post more about our new york trip. some day. when i have enough energy to sort through the pics.

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  1. Thanks for making me cry again. I love the two of you. So glad you found each other.