Monday, February 6, 2012


this weekend was the best time. usually my weekends are full of errands and boring things. but this one was so relaxing. i even cooked! if you count crock potting as cooking then i most def cooked. i made this chicken salsa thing and it was way good. i know it's good when danny has seconds. and i know it's suuuuper good when he has thirds.

we made a bet on the super bowl. and i won! so i get new running shoes and i can't even wait. i have been researching shoes all morning. nerdy.

i'm going to be typical right now and tell you how i am counting down the minutes until i get to see "the vow". i mean really? who isn't excited? i get teary eyed watching the previews so i can't even wait to experience the actual movie. but i have a secret.. i can't really stand channing tatum... i can hear all the girls in provo screaming at me and plotting my death after that comment. but i just can't really understand how he is famous. but anyway, hopefully he'll prove me wrong. i just wish they would have cast ryan gosling instead. notebook reunion! but then after seeing "drive" i'm always freaked out that he is going to smash someone's head in with his foot.

you guys did you know you are suppose to drink your body weight in water in ounces per day? (that sentence sucks but i couldn't figure out another way to say it.) cue peeing your pants every day right? i mean HOW? i just can't keep up.


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