Thursday, January 26, 2012

awesome and amazing.

i stumbled upon this random blog the other day. and i hate it. but i love it. i can't stop reading it. and i'll be honest mostly i just read it to laugh in my head at how crazy she is. her life is "completely perfect". and her husband is "the most amazing". and she is the luckiest. and i just laugh and laugh at how.... positive she is. and i make fun of how much she loves everything.

and now i have to confess. i was just reading it and loving how crazy she is to think everything is the best. and then BAM! i realized that i was the fool. i realized that i thought i was cool cause i was debbie downer. and then i realized that all the things her husband does that are "so amazingly awesome and awesome and amazing and awesome" my husband does without even a "thank you" from me. i'm the worst.

so i'll probably be saying thank you a lot more. and maybe i'll even find the greatest joys in the littlest of things. and then i'll probably realize how amazingly awesome and awesome and amazing and awesome everything is.

adding a new year's rez... see the awesome in the everyday.

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  1. This post is awesome and amazing. Lucky woman!