Thursday, December 8, 2011

totes a perf birth.

sooo twas my birthday this last weekend. i feel like i might have just hit that age where i start lying about how old i am. i think the age i'll say that i am is 22. cause 22 is a respectable age. you're old enough to do what you want but people still tell you you're young. plus doubles are the best. who doesn't like double?

anyway. best birthday yet. danny went CRAZY! he was like giving me gifts all over the place. and i was loving every second. trying to be all "you shouldn't have!" but i was secretly like planning out outfits in my head and stuff. plus he got me a sewing machine so i'm gonna start straight making my own clothes. ha! watch out etsy.

also we saw michelle money (if you don't know who she is, you haven't lived) at sephora in salt lake. i was so star struck. embarrassing! don't even judge me though cause the most famous person i've ever seen in real life is jared, the subway guy. anyway. danny had no fear and was like "hey, are you michelle money?" and she was. and then we talked about i can't even remember what. and then somehow i got a picture with her. i'm a freak.

the night ended with danny gifting me with a brand new gold watch i have coveted since conception. he sold his ipod, video game console, and his soul to buy it for me without me knowing. i'm pretty good at picking out a husband. 

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  1. I use 22 as my magic number too!!! AND.. I'm getting the white version of your watch (which I have also coveted forever) for Christmas! (but don't tell Jordan I know.. It was an accident!). K love ya bye